Today was a good day.  Everything seemed to click.  My usual ride to school wasn’t available but an Uber showed up promptly and I got to school at my usual time.  Good.  My students were in a great mood and exceptionally well behaved for a Monday morning.  Good.  All my lessons seemed to click, the students were engaged, and “getting it.”  Good.  During my planning time I felt purposeful and productive and able to get a handle on what was coming up later in the week.  Good.  In spite of the torrential downpour I got home without being stuck in the proverbial KL “jam” and found a contractor busily fixing our bedroom air conditioning unit.  I am so looking forward to a cooler night’s sleep!  Good.  Even found time to hit the gym and do some laps in the pool.  Good.  Now about to post my slice, look over some comments, tuck into some dinner, and then unwind with a good book while I start to slumber away.  So perhaps not a thrilling day, but a good one.  Happy Monday everyone!