The sun shimmers off his glistening back.

Black, majestic, and powerful he paws the ground with his front hoof.

Kept prisoner by a flimsy rickety fence he scans the grounds.  He seems disinterested, aloof, and bored.  Then he cocks his head and we lock eyes.  A piercing stare that I couldn’t shake off.  If only I could speak horse …

“Hey, why you looking at me like that?” he would say.

“Your beautiful and I just can’t take my eyes off you.”  I would reply.

“Huh. You’re weird.”  And then he starts walking closer.  “But in a quirky strange kinda way.  So what is this fascination you humans have with us horses anyway?”

And I would reply, “I don’t know.  Maybe this right here and now.  This moment we are sharing.  We can’t speak and yet we can still communicate.  I can look into your eyes and see my soul reflected in them.  Maybe through you I can feel that common bond that exists between all of us who walk this earth.”

Then he snorted, tossed his head, and galloped away.