Welcome to my résumé blog!  The goal is to highlight my varied professional experiences and contribute intelligently to topical trends in education, early childhood, and technology on a monthly basis.

I am a licensed PK-6 Elementary educator with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, IB PYP experience, an inquiry mindset, and a passion to integrate technology in the classroom.  By establishing a nurturing, safe, and respectful classroom environment I enable students to freely explore and take risks within an inquiry-based, constructivist approach to learning, while making sure that outcomes and objectives are explicitly defined and based on appropriate standards and benchmarks.  My philosophy is to cultivate personal relationships with both students and their caregivers in order to nurture and foster a student’s intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development.

One of my core competencies is around leadership skills.  Through valuable experiences  gained both within an educational environment and in the private sector, I am able to create and lead highly functioning teams that drive students to greater levels of learning and achievement.

From a curricular perspective, my strengths as an educator are in the transdisciplinary integration of the IB Primary Years Program with the Everday Mathematics Program and the Reading and Writing Workshop model.  In the Early Years my experiences are centered around play-based learning, and the High Scope curriculum.  My instructional beliefs are centered around active learning, with students using critical thinking and reflection as a critical component of their learning journey, and the inquiry cycle as a mental framework to discover and uncover.

Technology is a tool that I use productively, allowing students to create and interact with digital content on a daily basis to enhance their learning.  I am highly proficient in a variety of tech tools, including Google Apps, Moodle, Mahara, Mathletics, Spelling City, Accelerated Reader, and using iPads in a 1-1 classroom setting.  In my role as technology coach, I have shared my expertise creating elementary school wide electronic portfolios, using Mahara as a tool to showcase student growth and learning over time.  Coding in the early elementary years is another personal technology passion of mine, with the goal of shifting the paradigm from students who not only consume but also create content.

My role in the classroom is that of “chief learner”, ultimately responsible for  facilitating learning among my students, while making  sure I keep growing professionally in order to help my students succeed.  As such I strongly believe that regular Professional Learning is essential in my role as a reflective practitioner.  Most recently I have attended workshops on inquiry, critical thinking, and reading and writing through inquiry.  As a speaker I have presented at various international conferences, led school-wide sessions, and regularly engage with other teachers through my digital professional learning network.

Speaking multiple languages fluently, and having traveled and lived in many countries over three continents, I consider myself a third culture global citizen who adapts easily to new situations and environments.

Currently, I am a grade 2 homeroom teacher and team leader at the International Community School of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
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