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How to Create Virtual Lessons using Seesaw

A bit of context ... I teach grade 2 and as of the time of this writing (April 3, 2020) Seesaw Activities only allows one link to be uploaded per Activity. The problem was that I wanted to use Seesaw... Continue Reading →

Online Resources for Virtual Learning

I have found the resources available online to be overwhelming so I am curating them here in small chunks for my students and parents.  Also using this post as my virtual "shelf" to collate resources.  I hope to update this... Continue Reading →

Poetry App Smashing

The impetus behind this idea came from constantly reading over the Grade 2 Common Core standard CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.2.6 which basically states that students should, "with guidance and support from adults, use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in... Continue Reading →

Cable Free Classroom Projecting using Google Slides

My conundrum is that in the classroom I use my computer to take anecdotal notes, look at student data on the fly, etc (especially during conferring for reading/writing).  Oftentimes however my computer is connected to the projector cable and so... Continue Reading →

Life and Death in “The Cloud”

Friday afternoon with the promise of an eventful weekend looming I started scrolling through my "Chill Essentials" playlist to get me in the mood.  I was looking for a particular song and much to my surprise it was greyed out. ... Continue Reading →

How to Enable Offline Access for your Google G Suite (Docs, Slides, etc.)

No internet?  No problem!  Just make sure that you enable Google G Suite's offline access feature and you are good to go.  Once connectivity resumes all your docs will be synced to the cloud and in the interim you can... Continue Reading →

Create Portable Charts & Writing Independence with a Digital Toolkit

This post is all based on awesome idea #99 by my fab co-teacher @YYteach.  The problem we were facing was that we had great mini-lessons and charts, but the students struggled to apply the teaching points independently.  With our personal... Continue Reading →

Coding Apps for Elementary School

The catch phrase seems to be "coding is the new literacy" and while reading & writing will remain essential skills in the future now and always; these six apps are what I enjoy using in my coding ASA and classroom... Continue Reading →

How to Add Icons in Seesaw Activities

Enhance your Seesaw activities with these quick text shortcuts to replace your words with symbols and images. Here is a link to the Google Drawing if you want to make a copy and remix for yourself. This is a link... Continue Reading →

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