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March 24 #SOL18: Vomit Concerto

Traveling on choppy seas, Up, down, sideways, endlessly. So a vomit concerto begins.

March 23 #SOL18: Last Minute

The last minute. The proverbial 60 seconds. Enough time to make a decision. Pack that bag. Get off the couch. Do something. But sometimes it isn't and what we are left with is less than perfect. Like today. But tomorrow... Continue Reading →

March 22 #SOL18: Mamma

Peering through sliding glass doors, I try to get a glimpse of my Mamma coming out into the arrivals hall for her first visit to Malaysia. Finally I spot her! It doesn't matter if you are 4, 40, or 400... Continue Reading →

March 21 #SOL18: Bedtime Reading & Puberty

"Look what I found in the library today!" exclaimed my son as he pulled out a well read copy of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  "Can we read it tonight?" Tonight being a euphemism for snuggled up in bed... Continue Reading →

March 20 #SOL18: Missing My Apron

I was looking for my apron today when I realized it hadn't made the trip to Malaysia with me.  When we moved we were ruthless in culling what we considered "superfluous" possessions.  The idea was to travel as light as... Continue Reading →

March 19 #SOL18: On Disk Drives

Doing a little series pre-reading for our upcoming unit and came across this sentence, "You melted my computer disks!" I can just imagine reading this aloud.  The conversation would go something like this: 20 kids in unison: "What's a computer... Continue Reading →

March 18 #SOL18: Sweet Victory

So my March 17 SOL post seemed to resonate with many. This is part 2 (the day after). A proud Papa post ... And so the whistle blew. Three times in short succession. Victory at last! At long last. First... Continue Reading →

March 17 #SOL18: Grit

This poem is inspired by my son's football (soccer) game today ... Down 0-2. Still 15 minutes left to play. Should I quit and huff and puff away? Or should I give it my all and let the chips fall... Continue Reading →

March 16 #SOL18: Waiting

Waiting. To check in. To get through security. To get through immigration. To board a plane. To start the flight. To end the flight. To get the bag. To get the cab. To get to the hotel. Waiting, waiting, waiting.... Continue Reading →

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