Doing a little series pre-reading for our upcoming unit and came across this sentence, “You melted my computer disks!”

I can just imagine reading this aloud.  The conversation would go something like this:

20 kids in unison: “What’s a computer disk?”

Me: Well, you know another word for it is “a floppy disk.”

Them: Blank stares.

Me: Magnetic disk?

Them: Blank stares.

Me: Never mind.  So, in the “olden days” (aka. early to mid 90s) we had whole collections of them!  You used them to save your writing on a computer (when you remembered of course) and if you were in the really olden days even to load up your programs to run things.

Them: So … like … blank stares.

Me: Don’t worry about it, let’s just finish this chapter and tomorrow I’ll tell you all about the rotary phone.  Now that was something else!

Just an interesting reminder on how some words disappear from our lexicon when the meaning they are meant to convey is lost in time.  Any fave words that aren’t used as commonly anymore?  Or perhaps words you wish we would lose today?  Please share!