This poem is inspired by my son’s football (soccer) game today …

Down 0-2.

Still 15 minutes left to play.

Should I quit and huff and puff away?

Or should I give it my all and let the chips fall where they may?

I choose to matter.

To make a difference and play.

Whatever the outcome I am in this to stay.

Try for one more pass. And one more shot.

First 1 goal. Then 2.

Keep believing.

Dreams can and do come true.

3 minutes.

That’s all the time left to change this score.

Do I play to win or not to lose?

The difference is subtle and rests on my shoe.

I take a chance and shoot and before you know we are up 3-2 to boot!

So is it really true?

That fortune favours the brave.

Or is it just a question of showing up to play. Everyday. And most importantly – today.