“Look what I found in the library today!” exclaimed my son as he pulled out a well read copy of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  “Can we read it tonight?”

Tonight being a euphemism for snuggled up in bed side by side with me reading to him.

We crack open the book and start.  Another journey begins … one that we will take with Bruno through the pages of some dark moments of history.

And while the books and story lines may change, what hasn’t has been our routine of reading together for as long as we can both remember.  As I near the end of the first chapter I start to wonder how long this will last.  Now 11, and fresh off his grade 5 puberty talk, when will he look at me and say, “Actually Papa, I think I would like to read by myself now.”

I gently close the book and kiss my son goodnight.

I hope to read chapter 2 tomorrow, but then who knows …