My conundrum is that in the classroom I use my computer to take anecdotal notes, look at student data on the fly, etc (especially during conferring for reading/writing).  Oftentimes however my computer is connected to the projector cable and so I have to revert to the tried and true paper/pencil note-taking.

It took me a long time to figure out that I could simply use the Google Slides app on my iPad to project wirelessly via Airplay. Works like a charm every time and you can even play embedded videos in the slides directly from the iPad.

So if you have an iPad, the Google Slides app, and an Apple TV connected to your projector (the set up is simple and seamless) then you are all set to reclaim your laptop from the tether that is the projector cable.  Not rocket science I know but sometimes the best ideas are surprisingly simple. Try it out!