I feel like the title sums it up.  Maybe I should end it here, before it gets messy and I say something I shouldn’t.

Funny thing is that if you Pixabay search “Mother in Law” the search results you get back are all a bunch of cacti.  Apparently euphemistically known as “Mother-in-Law’s Seat.”  Who knew.  Bet you didn’t did you?  You can all connect the dots from there.

Funny thing is she isn’t like that.  Really!  Quirky in her own special way and with her own very peculiar mannerisms but who isn’t right?  It’s more a question of sharing  space and modifying routines.  By way of example, yesterday I wrote about Sunday mornings in my super comfy lounge chair.  That lounge chair used to be my go to writing/reading spot.  No more.  It has been commandeered.  I smile politely and am now typing this on my kitchen counter instead.  Some battles just aren’t worth fighting.

I have a feeling there might be many more slices on this topic in the coming weeks.  4 weeks to be precise.  More like 27 days but who’s counting.  I wouldn’t know but visiting in-laws might be akin to childbirth.  Always seems like a good idea beforehand and then turns out to be crying and pain.  To make the analogy complete it would have to end with a bundle of joy at the end.  Not there yet though.  Remember,  27 more days to go.  Will keep you posted!  In the meantime I will leave you with this priceless advice from my mom – words that I will hold dear in the coming days …

“You are right and I have peace.