The problem with things just working is you get used to it and assume that is the way things are and always should be.  The moment things start to go wrong the complaints and recriminations come fast and furious.  I was reminded of this as my area of the city has been suffering from water shortages due to infrastructure upgrades (that then took a turn for the worst).  Most of the time water flows freely out of the tap and it barely registers with me.  However, when you start to think about it many such analogies exist.

We flick a switch and … tada!  Light.  That magical juice known as electricity that powers our fridges, routers, lights, and everything else.  I am sure the amount of effort that goes into generating, transmitting, and distributing electrical power is mind boggling.  But I am willing to bet you never notice it till it’s gone right?

And how about internet access?  Another one of those rights that we take for granted.  Or deftly defying the laws of physics millions of airplanes take off and land every year around the world without incident.  Many people are involved in making this possible and yet we seldom hear their story.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that the best of the worst case scenarios always manage to make their way into the top slot of the media agenda.  Power cuts.  Water shortages.  Public transportation fiascos.  The list goes on.  This is the sensationalist news that sells and that people want to read about.  Rarely do we spare a thought for all the unsung heroes who day in and day out do their best to make our “normal” life normal.

So this post is dedicated to all of you, the unsung heroes, who make the “normal” possible everyday.  Thank you.