So last week I made the mistake of not changing my daily schedule and left out reading for the day.  Didn’t take long for a mutiny to break out in the classroom … “why don’t we have reading today Mr. Alex” … “please can we have reading?” … “can we have double reading tomorrow?”

This got me thinking.  Why do they like to read so much?  What makes reading so special?  So I asked the simple question “why do you love reading?” and these are the verbatim replies (except for taking the liberty to correct spelling 🙂

“It’s fun and maybe you can learn something.”

“You can learn new words and it’s important.”

“In writing you have to do work, in reading you are in peace.”

“You chillax and think what’s gonna happen?”

“Because you can picture what’s going on, like making a movie in your head.”

“Some books are really interesting and have a lot of interesting words.”

“You can imagine.”

“You are not stuck like TV, it’s like you go on an imagination adventure.”

“On TV you can’t choose, but in books you can choose when you want to read and what kinds of books too.”

“You try and find out what happens and it gives you a chance to open your imagination.”

Ah, the wisdom of an 8 year old mind; so snuggle up with a good book, imagine, learn, and discover new worlds.  Happy reading!