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Siem Reap in 3 days

March 2019 found us exploring Siem Reap - a destination that had been on the family bucket list for some time.  We spent three days there and loved every minute of it.  Siem Reap has a special mix of old... Continue Reading →

Life and Death in “The Cloud”

Friday afternoon with the promise of an eventful weekend looming I started scrolling through my "Chill Essentials" playlist to get me in the mood.  I was looking for a particular song and much to my surprise it was greyed out. ... Continue Reading →

World Poetry Cafe

This year in conjunction with our TCRWP Poetry Unit we launched "World Poetry Cafe."  The idea behind it is simple.  Solicit other members of the school/broader community to come and share a poem they love.  It can be from their... Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka in Two Weeks

December 2018 saw the family head to Sri Lanka for a two week trip.  The general break down was to start with the "cultural sights" then cool down in the hill country before finally chillaxing by the beach.  What follows... Continue Reading →

TeachMeetKL 2018

Presented at a TeachMeetKL session at Garden International School in Kuala Lumpur (November 2018).  Link here. Editing and revising task cards for grade 2 shared by @mralexEC at #TeachMeetKL #ISKLproud — Steve Katz (@stevekatz) November 22, 2018 @mralexEC shares... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Water & Sunrise

At a recent after-school meeting a colleague asked the group ... What makes you happy? Such a simple yet profound question.  My simple answer was watching the sunrise over a body of water with a hot cup of coffee.  But... Continue Reading →

Teaching with Photographs

I don't exactly remember how or when I learned to read, but I do remember what I loved to read ... National Geographic.  Apparently I would sit in a way too big for me armchair next to my grandfather thumbing... Continue Reading →

How to Enable Offline Access for your Google G Suite (Docs, Slides, etc.)

No internet?  No problem!  Just make sure that you enable Google G Suite's offline access feature and you are good to go.  Once connectivity resumes all your docs will be synced to the cloud and in the interim you can... Continue Reading →

Up Your Writing Game with Editing & Revising Task Cards

Note: the original post was published in October 2018.  Now in June 2019 we have version 4.0 with lessons learned and some refinements.  The revisions are added in italics and am proud to say that we have complete task cards... Continue Reading →

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