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The “Don’t and Do’s” of Spelling

The "Don't and Do" spelling strategy is very simple, effective, and quick.  It works something likes this: When your students are ready to start editing their piece of writing ask them to make a T-chart titled "Don't" and "Do" on... Continue Reading →


Broken Bones & A Mended Heart

DRING … DRING DRING … DRING DRING … I fumble for the phone in my pocket then peek at the screen and notice it is my wife calling.  That’s usually not a good sign. “Hello?” I say. “J was playing... Continue Reading →

The Lancia Story

This is the story of the Lancia family as told by my grandmother Onoria Lancia.  Her  memories of the war time years, starting a new life in Asmara, and reflections of 4 generations gone by.

A Brand New Day One

Another school year, another chance for a fresh start.  Today was Day 1.  But a different Day 1.  A unique Day 1.  This time with 16 eager new faces in a brand new campus with all three school divisions under... Continue Reading →

Hoi An, Vietnam: The Road Less Traveled

Hoi An is a dichotomy.  A city with a small town feel and old world charm.  Yet drowning in tourists.  Too many for my liking.  I am one of those tourists no doubt - part of the problem for sure... Continue Reading →

My Malaysian Driving License Journey

So long story short my Ethiopian driving license is not easy (ie. nigh impossible) to convert to any other license in an easy or cost effective way so earlier this year I decided to embark on a journey to get... Continue Reading →

Apple Innovation Summit KL 2018

Today (May 15, 2018) I spent the day at HELP International School for the Apple Innovation Summit 2018.  I finally got to try the Apple stylus and lots of neat little AR apps, including the Merge Cube. As always, the... Continue Reading →

March 24 #SOL18: Vomit Concerto

Traveling on choppy seas, Up, down, sideways, endlessly. So a vomit concerto begins.

March 23 #SOL18: Last Minute

The last minute. The proverbial 60 seconds. Enough time to make a decision. Pack that bag. Get off the couch. Do something. But sometimes it isn't and what we are left with is less than perfect. Like today. But tomorrow... Continue Reading →

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