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Sink. Swim. Dive!

Sometimes all it takes is a little prodding and an over-eager 10 year old to take the "plunge" so to speak and try something new. I was always quite content looking down at the big blue below from the comfort... Continue Reading →


So … Where Are You From?

In a little over a week I will be welcoming new students, parents, and colleagues into my classroom.  Inevitably, after brief greetings and smiles comes the inadvertent side drop of the head, the look, and then "so ... where are... Continue Reading →

Visible Thinking Big Ideas

Over the course of about 10 weeks this Spring 2017 I took a Visible Thinking course through the Harvard Graduate School of Education along with a cohort of three other friends and colleagues from ICS Addis. Our learning journey is... Continue Reading →

Road Trip! Perhentian Islands & Cameron Highlands

The Plan After moving continents, unpacking 20 bags, finding a new place to live and doing all the nitty gritty little things that are necessary to adjust and get settled in our new home away from home we decided that... Continue Reading →

My First Impressions of Kuala Lumpur

I have been in Malaysia for a week now and these are my first impressions and random thoughts (in no particular order) ... Tons of Lights ... everywhere. On buildings. Roads (funny enough this is one of the first things we... Continue Reading →

A student, teacher, and parent remembers #ICSAddis

So last week I was curious and asked a group of my former Grade 2 students to write down what they remember about their time in my grade 2 classroom. Then on the last day of school, much to my... Continue Reading →

Manage Your Browser Tabs Using the TabCloud Extension for Google Chrome

If you're like me you, your Chrome browser is probably running tons of tabs.  Aside from draining your battery and slowing down your machine, all these open tabs are also frustrating to manage (especially when you have so many open... Continue Reading →

How I Use Mathletics in an Elementary Classroom

Mathletics is one of the resources available at our elementary school to help deliver the math curriculum. In this post I want to highlight some of the features of Mathletics so that you can decide whether it might be something... Continue Reading →

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