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March 19 #SOL18: On Disk Drives

Doing a little series pre-reading for our upcoming unit and came across this sentence, "You melted my computer disks!" I can just imagine reading this aloud.  The conversation would go something like this: 20 kids in unison: "What's a computer... Continue Reading →


March 18 #SOL18: Sweet Victory

So my March 17 SOL post seemed to resonate with many. This is part 2 (the day after). A proud Papa post ... And so the whistle blew. Three times in short succession. Victory at last! At long last. First... Continue Reading →

March 17 #SOL18: Grit

This poem is inspired by my son's football (soccer) game today ... Down 0-2. Still 15 minutes left to play. Should I quit and huff and puff away? Or should I give it my all and let the chips fall... Continue Reading →

March 16 #SOL18: Waiting

Waiting. To check in. To get through security. To get through immigration. To board a plane. To start the flight. To end the flight. To get the bag. To get the cab. To get to the hotel. Waiting, waiting, waiting.... Continue Reading →

March 15 #SOL18: The Art of Packing

Wheels up in 12 hours and as always the conundrum of what to pack. Seems like it should get easier the more you do it.  It doesn't for me. My 6th grade teacher Mrs. Sherman left me these wise words,... Continue Reading →

March 14 #SOL18: Poverty

The inspiration for this post came as I was checking in on a student today who was reading a book about nutrition to get "expert words" for his informational writing piece.  The picture in the book was of your stereotypical... Continue Reading →

March 13 #SOL: Learning Together

Today got the better of me my friends so this slice is going to be short and sweet. Learning together, In the company of friends, This is how we grow.

March 12 #SOL18: The Mother in Law (part 1 of …)

I feel like the title sums it up.  Maybe I should end it here, before it gets messy and I say something I shouldn't. Funny thing is that if you Pixabay search "Mother in Law" the search results you get... Continue Reading →

March 11 #SOL18: Sunday Morning

Sunday morning. My favorite morning. As the steam rises out the top of my Bialetti I know the coffee is ready.  I slowly pour it into my favorite mug, grab a cookie out of the deep freeze, head down the... Continue Reading →

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