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Sans Algorithms: Reflections on Travel & Moving

I have spent the last few weekends “tidying house” and trying to figure out what, from a seemingly endless jumble of possessions, I will be taking with me on our new adventure to KL at the end of June. So... Continue Reading →

Use Google Forms to Manage your Classroom Library

Over the years I have tried many a system for checking out classroom library books to students. Some systems were too onerous on teacher time. Some systems didn’t provide sufficient accountability so books would permanently be borrowed never to return!... Continue Reading →

Standing on the Shoulders of @j_iglar

Who we are is complicated. We are a temporal product of all our influences, both good and bad, from our parents, to our friends, and all of those who we meet along the way. As educators it is much the... Continue Reading →

My Student of Tomorrow

So over the holidays during our annual "spring cleaning" I found this ... Who today still knows how to use a good old fashioned type-writer?  I don't.  Using a type-writer, like anything else, requires a certain level of skill that... Continue Reading →

#MarsChallenge: Design Thinking the Future of Edu

It all started with one question ... What if we had a chance to build a school from scratch? On Mars. And so with a great idea from fellow educator @ajjuliani the #MarsChallenge was born. By chance, ten days before... Continue Reading →

A Teacher’s Guide to Integrating Writing and Coding in the Classroom

Hour of Code week is officially over but that doesn’t mean that coding in the classroom should be over too. So in my constant quest to integrate technology authentically in the classroom I came up with this solution for how... Continue Reading →

3 reasons to integrate Google Classroom with Readers’ & Writers’ Workshop

I love Google Classroom. Why? Because in this case integrating tech allows me to redefine what is possible within a readers and writers workshop framework so that I have a better understanding of what my students know and are able... Continue Reading →

No internet? No Problem! Learning tech from an 8 year old

And so it finally happened. It was obvious really. Just two students giggling in the corner of the room staring at their iPads. So I walk over, slowly ... with the worst possible thoughts going through my head ... thinking... Continue Reading →

Learn to code the learner profile with Scratch Jr.

According to Scratch Junior "coding is the new literacy" and I couldn't agree more.  Many of us (children and adults alike) are mere consumers of content - constantly linked to our devices to absorb information. This is why one of... Continue Reading →

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