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Ten Virtual Opinion Writing Lessons for Grade 2 with Seesaw Activities

Seeing as I always gather great ideas from others online, I thought it only fair to share this "virtual opinion" writing unit for grade 2 that my co-teacher Ms. Yuka and I recently completed.  The lessons are listed via image... Continue Reading →

My Master Teacher: Carlo Alberto Pejrone

One of the benefits of being in "lockdown" is the ample time for introspection.  Today I want to reflect on someone who has been my influencer - way before the term became a part of our social media lexicon.  Dr.... Continue Reading →

Being Thankful Amidst Lockdown

It's been ... I don't know ... a long time now.  Officially over a month but the days just seem to rumble along like sleepers on a railroad track.  One after another.  In school we are on an 8 day... Continue Reading →

How to Create Virtual Lessons using Seesaw

A bit of context ... I teach grade 2 and as of the time of this writing (April 3, 2020) Seesaw Activities only allows one link to be uploaded per Activity. The problem was that I wanted to use Seesaw... Continue Reading →

Eddo Gidole

Eddo Gidole.  Date of birth unknown, even to himself.  In Italian the adjective that best describes him is "un mito."  The closest you get in English is "the man," but that doesn't do him justice.  He was an iconic figure... Continue Reading →

My Nesquick Bowl

Sometimes it's the little things you appreciate most.  Those you take for granted.  Like my Nesquick bowl.  The story goes something like this ... Once upon a time before my son was born (so that makes it at least 14... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on the First Days of Virtual Learning

So ... I'm officially on Spring Break!  I chose to staycation this time around.  Well not really, more like on lockdown for the next little while (until March 31st officially) but ... the situation is fluid.  All that to say I... Continue Reading →

Online Resources for Virtual Learning

I have found the resources available online to be overwhelming so I am curating them here in small chunks for my students and parents.  Also using this post as my virtual "shelf" to collate resources.  I hope to update this... Continue Reading →

Looking Out My Window #sol20

As I sit here today amidst what seems like a world gone mad in virus lockdown mode I am transported back to memories of my childhood.  For years I have meant to write some of these thoughts down on paper... Continue Reading →

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