This post is my contribution to the Daily Writing Project.

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“NOT AGAIN!” I shouted in frustration.

I looked up over my desk into the dreary, dark, cold evening.  There was nobody in sight.  The last bus had passed my house two hours ago and now the only sound that kept me company was the tapping of raindrops on my window.

I remember that bus vividly because that is when I sat down to write my story.  On the side of the bus there was an advertisement of a soccer player and big bold words in red that said “Just Do it!”  When I started writing I thought I could.  Now I wasn’t so sure.

My eyes drifted downwards back onto my dusty old typewriter and that G key.  That sticky G key.  It always had a habit of getting stuck and then it would take the F key along for a ride with it.  Just like a bully really.  No please.  No thank you.  The F key was happy resting right where it was but no, G key was going to cause trouble again!  That silly G key.  Ever try spelling words when the letters aren’t cooperating?  It isn’t fun!  The word I wanted to type was “going” but now the word that I was starting at on my paper was “fgoing”

How was I going to explain that to Ms. McMillan?!  I let the thought sit with me for awhile and then the solution came to me as clearly as the ice crystals that were starting to form on my window sill.  Blame the technology!  It’s not my fault that the typewriter wasn’t working properly.  But then I thought a little more – I thought creatively – and realized that Ms. McMillan would just say “Well then why didn’t write your story out with pen and paper like everyone else does?”

She had a point.  So I opened the top drawer on my desk, stuck my hand all the way to the back and rummaged through papers, paperclips, and all sorts of other stationery supplies looking for my fountain pen.  How quaint.  But it still worked after all these years so I put in a new ink cartridge and started re-writing.  Every last word.  My eyelids were drooping, my shoulders were slouching, and I could sense the birds starting to get restless ready to welcome a new morning.  I could see my fingers moving and words being put on a page but my brain was dreaming of my pillow.  Only a couple more sentences and then I would be done and might even be able to get a few minutes of sleep!  Yes!  Last sentence.  But now I was starting to get a sticky wet feeling in my fingers.  I kept going anyway.  Three more words to go.  Something didn’t feel right.  I lifted my fountain pen and looked at my finger tips and all I could see was an ocean of blue ink smeared all over my fingers.  My heart sank.  My eyes drifted down to my paper.

“NOT AGAIN!” I shouted in frustration!