Another school year, another chance for a fresh start.  Today was Day 1.  But a different Day 1.  A unique Day 1.  This time with 16 eager new faces in a brand new campus with all three school divisions under the same roof for the first time in school history.  Everything is new.  Brand new.  From the arrival procedures, to bathrooms, cafeteria, walking in line, dismissal, you name it.  It started with much “dry planning” trying to anticipate as best we could how the day would unfold with having students actually living in the building and preparing our procedures accordingly.  It ended with me going home and taking a nap until dinner time.

Somewhere in between those two extremes is where it all really happened.  Fortunately for us we didn’t have any exploding toilets, flooded science labs, leaks in the book room, etc. (that did happen;) We only had to deal with the little things that you take for granted on a daily basis.  Like the best way to arrange the trays for clean up time in the cafeteria.  Or who should use which bathrooms when.  Or the most efficient way to get from A to B.  It really was just a blur, with barely a moment to use the restroom or wolf down a sandwich.

With the wisdom of hindsight, a long nap, and 20,000 steps later though I realize that it really was a good day.  Teething troubles no doubt but that was expected and anticipated.  What’s really exciting is the promise of what this building represents … students and teachers eager to teach and learn together on an incredible 2018/2019 school year journey. Onward to tomorrow!