If you’re like me you, your Chrome browser is probably running tons of tabs.  Aside from draining your battery and slowing down your machine, all these open tabs are also frustrating to manage (especially when you have so many open you can’t see what they are, or you close them by accident=)

However, using the TabCloud extension for Google Chrome you are able to organize and manage your tabs with ease.  Basically what TabCloud allows you to do is save sets of tabs together across any device that is linked to your Google account.  Then opening all those same tabs again is as simple as one click on the TabCloud extension.

Think of it this way: you can save a set of tabs for your personal life, think FB, twitter, etc.  You can save another set of tabs for your day-to-day school work, think things like Zimbra, Powerschool, Drive, etc.  And so it goes.  Basically organizing and saving tabs by categories if you will.

For a quick tutorial on how to set it up and to see TabCloud in action check out my screencast …