The most entertaining and educational session from eLearning Africa 2015 was Donald Clark‘s mind-blowing tech presentation.  Here is what I learned in 4 slides:

  1. Problem: we basically forget most of everything we are told.  Our retention rate is very low (he had a cool graph but I didn’t get a pic. of it).  Solution: be aware of cognitive overload and practice spaced practice, meaning repeating small chunks of content often and frequently is a much better strategy for increasing retention.  Think along the lines of linking today’s lesson to yesterday’s, spiral curriculum, find common linkages, etc.  Blogging and twitter are powerful tools for re-mixing content so we can make our own meaning and not forget – (which is the principal reason I am blogging about it).2015-05-21 15.03.30
  2. Tech can do certain things that we can’t.  Leverage its strength.2015-05-21 15.34.36
  3. Links between learning theory and technology.  The possibilities for virtual learning and gamification are what I find most interesting.  Imagine visiting a rain forest by being immersed in it, or the laws of physics by “being” an astronaut.  Coming soon to a classroom near you … maybe 2015-05-21 15.46.13
  4.   Feeling overwhelmed by tech? … all been said before2015-05-21 15.46.55