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A Teacher’s Guide to Integrating Writing and Coding in the Classroom

Hour of Code week is officially over but that doesn’t mean that coding in the classroom should be over too. So in my constant quest to integrate technology authentically in the classroom I came up with this solution for how... Continue Reading →

No internet? No Problem! Learning tech from an 8 year old

And so it finally happened. It was obvious really. Just two students giggling in the corner of the room staring at their iPads. So I walk over, slowly ... with the worst possible thoughts going through my head ... thinking... Continue Reading →

Learn to code the learner profile with Scratch Jr.

According to Scratch Junior "coding is the new literacy" and I couldn't agree more.  Many of us (children and adults alike) are mere consumers of content - constantly linked to our devices to absorb information. This is why one of... Continue Reading →

Living the Learner Profile in Grade 2

It has been a few years since I published this post on living the learner profile in Early Childhood.  Given my professional "upgrade" to teaching grade 2 I decided it was time to also "upgrade" and document what I do... Continue Reading →

Learn em’ how to read n’rite good

On November 6,7, 8 (2014) I had the opportunity of attending Reading and Writing Through Inquiry, a category 3 IB PYP Workshop hosted by the Western Academy of Beijing (China) and led by Carla Holmes. It was an interesting learning... Continue Reading →

What’s so smart about Smartboards?

Harvard marketing professor Theodore Levitt is often cited with the popular phrase "people don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole."  Similarly, the field of education is filled with fads, catch phrases, and resources that we... Continue Reading →

Living the Learner Profile in Early Childhood

Caring, courageous, open-minded, knowledgeable, principled, inquirer, communicator, balanced, thinker, and reflective are huge words to comprehend when you are four years old. These learner profile traits are supposed to promote the mission of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) in developing...... Continue Reading →

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