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Paper or ePortfolios? Wrong question! A SAMR analysis.

Paper portfolios or electronic portfolios?  Have you been asked this question lately?  Invariably the answers are many and varied, from those who prefer the feel and heft of a paper portfolio, to those who prefer a certain type of electronic... Continue Reading →

Why? Making the case for ePortfolios

Why electronic portfolios? Traditionally, the way to report on a student's progress is through a paper-based report. This report is usually a mix of either letters or numbers and perhaps a teacher comment to indicate the student's performance throughout his... Continue Reading →

What’s so smart about Smartboards?

Harvard marketing professor Theodore Levitt is often cited with the popular phrase "people don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole."  Similarly, the field of education is filled with fads, catch phrases, and resources that we... Continue Reading →

4 reasons to go ePortfolio in early elementary

A portfolio tells a story. It is a story of knowing. Knowing about things... Knowing oneself...Knowing an audience... Portfolios are students' own stories of what they know, why they believe they know it, and why others should be of the... Continue Reading →

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