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Early Childhood

4 Ways to Teach Your Pre-Schooler to Code

I am sure you have heard it already, "coding is the new literacy." Maybe, maybe not.  What I do believe strongly however is that coding and programming helps students to think creatively and problem-solve.  Basically "hands-on" critical thinking!  In my... Continue Reading →

What’s so smart about Smartboards?

Harvard marketing professor Theodore Levitt is often cited with the popular phrase "people don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole."  Similarly, the field of education is filled with fads, catch phrases, and resources that we... Continue Reading →

My Top 8 Early Childhood iPad Apps

There are hundreds of apps out there and trying to decide which ones are appropriate for use in an Early Childhood classroom can be a daunting task. From my brief experience, when there are a few pages of apps to... Continue Reading →

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