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Accelerated Reader

“Just Right” AR Books: a Parent Infographic

The school year is quickly coming to a close and my hope is always that students keep up their reading stamina by reading voraciously over their summer break.  However, a common question from parents is regarding how to ascertain whether... Continue Reading →

MAP, DRA2 & AR: Crunching the data… And?

A quick Google search on Accelerated Reader (AR) will lead to all sorts of varied opinions. The most vociferous I find are the haters, very vitriolic in their critiques of the program.   What is sorely lacking from many of... Continue Reading →

My Science”Just Right” Books Experiment

Problem: About this time of year many students have run through the gamut of the classroom library and are saying something along the lines of "there isn't anything interesting for me to read!" In years past my quick-fix solution was... Continue Reading →

5 iPad apps for classroom productivity

A new calendar beginning is always a good time for me to take stock of what I did in the first half of the academic year and to set new “goals/aspirations/resolutions” for amping up learning in the second half of... Continue Reading →

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