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How to Model Shared Writing by Staging a Common Experience (in-person and online)

Many of us learn by watching others do something and then we try the "something" on our own with greater independence. Learning to write is no different. Sometimes writing mentors are the authors of the books we read. Sometimes writing... Continue Reading →

15 Virtual Poetry Lessons for Grade 2 with Seesaw Activities

In this post I am sharing the series of 15 sequential lessons I created for teaching our grade 2 poetry unit in a "virtual" format while we were learning from home during the spring of 2021. The scope and sequence... Continue Reading →

Editing and Revising with Intent

This post is part 3 in a three part series on re-thinking how I teach personal narratives. Part 1 about a new way that I tried to generate small moment ideas worth writing (ie. the "plan"), and Part 2 about... Continue Reading →

Re-Thinking Personal Narratives

In grade 2 the start of a new school year eventually leads to writing personal narratives. Even this year! Amid all the other changes happening in and around school due to Covid-19. Reflecting on how I taught this unit in... Continue Reading →

Ten Virtual Opinion Writing Lessons for Grade 2 with Seesaw Activities

Seeing as I always gather great ideas from others online, I thought it only fair to share this "virtual opinion" writing unit for grade 2 that my co-teacher Ms. Yuka and I recently completed.  The lessons are listed via image... Continue Reading →

Poetry App Smashing

The impetus behind this idea came from constantly reading over the Grade 2 Common Core standard CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.2.6 which basically states that students should, "with guidance and support from adults, use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in... Continue Reading →

Revising & Editing with Intent

Eventually the time will come when we ask our students to self-reflect and/or assess their writing.  Sometimes in the form of a rubric - sometimes in the form of a checklist - two stars and a wish, whatever you want... Continue Reading →

Don’t and Do: A Spelling Strategy

Born out of lack of success in having students independently use their class word wall, high frequency word lists, or personal spelling dictionaries to edit their writing my co-teacher @YYteach and I decided to give the Don't and Do spelling strategy... Continue Reading →

Using Images to Stretch Our Writing

Every year the struggle is the same.  Eager second grade writers pour their hearts out into their "small moment" personal narratives but without much to show for in terms of word choice or elaboration.  In the spirit of sharing, one... Continue Reading →

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