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My Science”Just Right” Books Experiment

Problem: About this time of year many students have run through the gamut of the classroom library and are saying something along the lines of "there isn't anything interesting for me to read!" In years past my quick-fix solution was... Continue Reading →

5 iPad apps for classroom research

Last week I wrote this blog post on 5 iPad apps for classroom creativity and the need for tech tools to foster creativity in my classroom.  This week I am focusing on apps that I use in my classroom to... Continue Reading →

5 iPad apps for classroom productivity

A new calendar beginning is always a good time for me to take stock of what I did in the first half of the academic year and to set new “goals/aspirations/resolutions” for amping up learning in the second half of... Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Teach Your Pre-Schooler to Code

I am sure you have heard it already, "coding is the new literacy." Maybe, maybe not.  What I do believe strongly however is that coding and programming helps students to think creatively and problem-solve.  Basically "hands-on" critical thinking!  In my... Continue Reading →

Learn em’ how to read n’rite good

On November 6,7, 8 (2014) I had the opportunity of attending Reading and Writing Through Inquiry, a category 3 IB PYP Workshop hosted by the Western Academy of Beijing (China) and led by Carla Holmes. It was an interesting learning... Continue Reading →

What’s so smart about Smartboards?

Harvard marketing professor Theodore Levitt is often cited with the popular phrase "people don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole."  Similarly, the field of education is filled with fads, catch phrases, and resources that we... Continue Reading →

4 reasons to go ePortfolio in early elementary

A portfolio tells a story. It is a story of knowing. Knowing about things... Knowing oneself...Knowing an audience... Portfolios are students' own stories of what they know, why they believe they know it, and why others should be of the... Continue Reading →

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