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Corona Memoirs

Being Thankful Amidst Lockdown

It's been ... I don't know ... a long time now.  Officially over a month but the days just seem to rumble along like sleepers on a railroad track.  One after another.  In school we are on an 8 day... Continue Reading →

Time for a Change

So today was the "official" first day of online/virtual/continuous learning.  It was a good day.  Reflecting on the day though I had a thought (maybe two).  The first is how much we are creatures of habit and need that structure... Continue Reading →

Corona Memoirs: T-1

What a day.  Still nowhere near over.  Spent over an hour to record a 5 minute clip on Screencastify to "welcome" my students into their "virtual learning classroom" tomorrow morning.  Yep, it's real.  Starting March 18th all schools in Malaysia... Continue Reading →

Corona Memoirs: The Beginning

One of my mom's favourite sayings is "this too shall pass."  And of that there is no doubt.  The question is what will the new normal look like once we are on the other side?  Another favourite family quote is "most... Continue Reading →

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