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Working smarter: Form Publisher to the rescue!

Google Forms are a great way to collect data - but what do you do with all the data once you have it?  This conundrum was especially poignant given the redefinition of the electronic portfolio in grade 2 this year,... Continue Reading →


Teching out math rotations!

In my grade 2 classroom at the International Community School of Addis Ababa I am fortunate to have a 1-1 iPad mini set up along with individual Mathletics accounts for each student in my class ... which means I can... Continue Reading →

Everyone’s a winner … or not!

As I write this the Italian men’s volleyball team has just beaten the USA to make their way into the gold medal match for a chance to be Olympic gold medal winners, the champions. Tomorrow (Sunday, August 21, 2016) Italy... Continue Reading →

“I Love Reading” … What Students Really Think

So last week I made the mistake of not changing my daily schedule and left out reading for the day.  Didn't take long for a mutiny to break out in the classroom ... "why don't we have reading today Mr.... Continue Reading →

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